Inspection body

Reinforcing regulatory compliance

You provide a regulatory service for dynamic projects linked to constructions, maintaining assets or the environment. The growing number of standards is encouraging the legal formulation of a large number of expanded missions for inspection bodies in order to instil a dynamic of safety and sustainable performance.

INFRANEO corroborates these values with additional expertise to establish your certifications or equivalent. Our solutions range from the acquisition of complementary data using a wide range of in-the-field monitoring systems to desktop engineering to facilitate the design process and preserve your independence:

  • Geotechnical missions: G1, G2, G4 & G5 (including drilling and field work) : G1, G2, G4 & G5 (forages et interventions terrain compris)

  • Technical assistance in soil decontamination to clean up your property

  • Testing on land and in water for non-standard cases: searching for cavities, locating aquifers, lithological anomalies, pyrotechnics, entrenchment zones, etc.

  • Environmental and hydrogeological studies

  • Destructive and non-destructive surveys and samples

  • Asphalt coring on roadways for asbestos and PAH detection

  • Diagnostics with behavioural assessment to study the impact of your projects on nearby sewage and water works

  • Detailed remote visual inspections with diagnostics and 3D modelling to assess the current state of your infrastructure and define a curative or preventive maintenance strategy

  • Dimensioning with re-calculation to assess soil-structure interactions in the immediate environment in line with your projects

  • Load tests to characterise the actual behaviour of the overall structure

  • Supervising the design and building of rehabilitation and extension projects

  • External inspections of your sites to validate the work and quality of the materials used

  • Loss appraisals for technical arbitration : fire, cracks, water damage, defects, waterproofing, subsidence, pathologies, etc.

  • Tools and monitoring via the installation of sensors or data acquisition units: monitoring vibrations, cracks, displacements and/or deformations

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