A better vision leads to better design

You design and build structures for your public and private customers. To complement your core business, INFRANEO is a privileged partner providing you with new specific studies to support your project management assignments. We provide real added value, guiding you throughout the progress of your projects according to your needs (technical, auditing and engineering assignments).

Our strength lies in a vast network of solutions based on controlled monitoring systems backed up by our staff’s expertise.

  • Detecting and geolocating all networks to identify and prevent any risk of collision

  • Geotechnical missions: G1, G2, G4 & G5 (including drilling and field work) : G1, G2, G4 & G5 (forages et interventions terrain compris)

  • Testing on land and in water for non-standard cases: searching for cavities, locating aquifers, lithological anomalies, pyrotechnics, entrenchment zones, etc.

  • Destructive and non-destructive surveys and samples

  • Detailed (remote) visual inspections with diagnostics and 3D modelling to assess the current state of your infrastructure and define a curative or preventive maintenance strategy

  • Dimensioning with re-calculation to assess soil-structure interactions in the immediate environment in line with your projects

  • External inspections of your sites to validate the work and quality of the materials used

  • Asset management via a turnkey digital tool within your entity

  • Tools and monitoring via the installation of sensors or data acquisition units: monitoring vibrations, cracks, displacements and/or deformations

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