Infraneo's commitment to SNCF RÉSEAU's bvc project

Following on from our previous missions, SNCF Réseau has recently entrusted the INFRANEO Group with a major diagnostic mission for the surrounding structures and buildings as part of the project for the new SNCF interconnection station at Bry-Villiers-Champigny..

The design of a new railway station and its associated infrastructure, such as SNCF Réseau's BVC project, requires a rigorous technical approach and an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges. It is in this demanding context that INFRANEO's civil engineering and building teams stand out, contributing their expertise and commitment at every stage of the process.

Creating the new bvc station: an ambitious project

The creation of the new BVC station, spanning the period from 2023 to 2027, represents a considerable challenge in a dense urban environment. With the potential for deformation of neighbouring structures, the need to anticipate and remedy such impacts is crucial.

The complexity of the assignment can be broken down into three fundamental stages, each requiring specialised expertise:

  1. In-depth diagnosis:

The INFRANEO teams will carry out a diagnostic of the existing structures, assessing the materials and structures and identifying any pathologies. This crucial first step lays the foundations for our approach.

  1. Assessment of potential impacts:

Identifying the impact of the BVC project works on neighbouring structures is a delicate task. Our teams examine the influence of ground movements on neighbouring structures, ensuring their preservation.

  1. Preventive solutions and rigorous monitoring:

Proposing technical solutions to avoid any potential damage is at the heart of our mission. In addition, our displacement monitoring programme ensures continuous vigilance, with thresholds triggering precise actions.

A structured approach

The Group's approach to this task is based on a methodical breakdown of tasks. From the initial handling of the file to the detailed inventory of buildings in the Geotechnical Impact Zone (GIZ), each stage is managed by competent professionals.

Making the most of on-site expertise

INFRANEO's teams in Pantin and Saint-Pierre carry out site visits to buildings both inside and outside the SNCF right-of-way.

The analysis of thresholds and impacts, as well as the proposed solutions, are based on in-depth knowledge of the site and the structures involved.

Vue de la future gare Bry-Villiers-Champigny depuis le nord-ouest © Société du Grand Paris / Richez Associés
View of the future Bry-Villiers-Champigny station from the north-west © Société du Grand Paris / Richez Associés

INFRANEO, a trusted partner for your projects

In short, INFRANEO is a trusted partner in the successful completion of your BVC project. With its proven technical skills, structured approach and commitment, the Group is ready to make this mission an unqualified success.