Infraneo’s values


Thanks to continuous technological and normative monitoring, training, control processes, INFRANEO is committed to supporting its customers for technical and adapted support, as close as possible. of their needs.

Building and giving a new lease of life to existing assets – this is Infraneo’s goal. Our company’s expertise and talent sustains our market legitimacy and builds a solid foundation for decision-making.



Innovation, research and development allow us to be at the cutting edge of technology to offer inspection, auscultation and measuring devices.

Our results are the outcome of teamwork driven by innovation and our in-depth knowledge of in-the-field challenges.

Our support staff are in permanent contact with various activities and support operational staff in their missions on a daily basis while encouraging the company’s development.

We encourage all our employees to propose development and improvement initiatives.


We seek to build relations founded on kindness and solidarity, in which each and everyone is listened to with respect and without prejudice.

Sharing and support are two pillars of our development. Each employee offers their skills and experience so that individual success is shared.

Providing recognition and developing talent are key priorities that help us to form genuine relations based on trust.


We are committed to sharing our expertise internally to improve skills and externally to better serve our clients.

Passionate about providing high-quality service, our teams are 100% committed to the projects entrusted to them.

We offer personalised support plans to each of our employees and place particular importance on career development by promoting internal mobility.


Infraneo, are proud of our independence and are continuing to expand to become a leader in the European engineering market. Thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of our 450 employees, we are able to offer technical and financial solutions that are fully in line with our clients’ needs.


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