Research & Innovation

Research, Development and Innovation are at the heart of INFRANEO’s DNA, with more than 25 patents to its credit in various fields of expertise.

Current research is focused on external and internal requests, in order to respond to increasingly advanced technical issues. The technological building blocks under development often take the form of projects developed in partnership with private companies, universities, customers and financial and legal institutions.



Innovation, from field surveys to expertise

Digital technologies and robotisation in underground structures

Robotic testing of underground structures

INFRANEO has created a range of robotic solutions for inspecting and testing accessible and semi-accessible underground structures. This powerhouse of computer and mechatronic technologies is modular, adaptable to non-standard site configurations and helps INFRANEO experts in underground structural testing to collect data.

CurioCity, CurioMini, CurioBike, CurioRaft and CurioBee are a range of eco-friendly robots capable of accommodating a range of specialist sensors.

Data acquisition and classification

The various sensors (cameras, encoders, probes, GeoRadar, IMU inertial units, Lidar, accelerometers, etc.) can be interpreted from the control room in real-time. Observations and measurements are automatically classified and synchronised in the database.

Reporting and operations

Automatic readings (remote visual, geometric, NDT, etc.) is completed by post-processing experts. Depending on the measurements taken, some of the characteristic elements are recognised by A.I. algorithms. Robotic solutions can also be used to produce 2D and 3D models, longitudinal profiles and locate underground structures.

Examples of applied innovations

INTELO device

The INTELO remote visual inspection system can be used to inspect civil engineering structures such as bridges and viaducts without obstructing traffic, thanks to the narrow width of the vehicle. This project, which has a major technological and environmental impact, combines the efficiency of field surveys with data management, data processing and reporting.

Drones and 3D modelling

Since 2010, INFRANEO has been a forerunner in the use and adaptation of drones (aerial, underwater, wheeled) to carry out infrastructure inspections. INFRANEO is now focusing on 3D modelling.

Mechanical and vibratory testing of underground structures

INFRANEO has developed innovative monitoring tools to characterise the mechanical and structural behaviour of underground structures. These tools are now widely used in the industry and provide information about the structure, the soil and the interface between the two.

Data management

Implementing asset management

The databases currently being acquired enable experts to optimise and recommend maintenance solutions to guarantee the integrity and durability of their structures.


Thanks to data management innovations, INFRANEO complies with BIM standards, whatever the nature of the infrastructure (buildings, engineering structures, water cycle facilities, energy facilities).

We have developed IT innovations to assist with the management and maintenance of our clients’ assets and help project owners classify their maintenance and monitoring operations according to configurable criteria.

The databases currently being acquired enable experts to optimise and recommend maintenance solutions to guarantee the integrity and durability of their structures.

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