Maîtriser les interactions sols-structures avec l'ingénierie des sols

La maîtrise de l'ingénierie des sols et des interactions sols-structures joue un rôle primordial dans le processus de construction et d’aménagement des bâtiments et des ouvrages. INFRANEO vous accompagne à chaque étape de vos études de sols, en s’adaptant à un cadre réglementaire et une expertise pointue.

Appréhender les problématiques naturelles liées au sol et à l’environnement avec notre expertise en ingénierie des sols, anticiper les risques propres à chaque projet, vous assurer la pérennité de vos ouvrages, telles sont les missions d’INFRANEO.

Thanks to our agencies throughout Europe, our teams of experts are specialised in geotechnics, geophysics and polluted sites and soils. We work with you to provide tailored solutions which are perfectly adapted to your projects.

Drilling and investigations

Whatever your geological reconnaissance issue, INFRANEO helps you perform subsurface investigations, with or without drilling.

Laboratory tests

Soil mechanics studies the theoretical behaviour of land cover formations as impacted by natural erosion or induced forces during the construction of structures.

These soils are classified according to physical parameters (particle size distribution, plasticity, porosity, humidity, consistency), which makes it possible to identify and describe them, and also anticipate how they will change over time.

Design and geotechnical performance studies

Geotechnics focuses on soil-structure interactions and conducts soil studies for the purpose of building structures, in particular, defining foundations and structural damage diagnostics.

Engineering: Hydrogeology – Environment

Understanding and managing soil-structure-groundwater interactions is essential to ensure the success of projects.

In addition to geotechnical services, INFRANEO performs hydrogeological and environmental studies to precisely characterise groundwater tables and the quality of project environments.

Technical Assistance and Project Management

INFRANEO offers technical assistance and project management to guarantee that the structures meet your needs and objectives in terms of deadlines, costs and quality. INFRANEO’s expertise and qualifications in structural technical assistance and project management make it the consulting partner of choice during decision-making, investigations, inspections and diagnostics.

Tools and monitoring

Over time, ageing structures are exposed to various alterations which can lead to their deterioration. Regular and continuous monitorin helps guarantee the longevity of constructions.

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Acquisition of geotechnical and geophysical data – CSNE – Compiègne (60)

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Acquisition of geotechnical and geophysical data – CSNE – Compiègne (60)

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