L’affluence d’une expertise unique : ingénierie de l'eau et assainissements

A growing number of water and sanitation structures are ageing throughout Europe. INFRANEO provides turnkey solutions to guarantee the longevity of these infrastructures.

Au-delà des systèmes brevetés qui ont forgés le savoir-faire et l’expertise du Groupe, c’est notre expertise en ingénierie de l'eau et assainissement qui vous accompagne dans la prévention des risques relatifs aux enjeux du cycle de l’eau.

We provide you with the best high-quality results thanks to our complementary activities such as innovation-led network detection, soil engineering, structural engineering, instrumentation and monitoring, forging the INFRANEO guarantee.

This approach serves as the basis for INFRANEO’s specific solutions and helps make its identity easily recognisable on international markets

Water cycles

Remote visual pre-diagnostics:

Pre-diagnostics play a key role in defining the many preventive and curative maintenance operations which are part of asset management policies.

Surveys & investigations:

INFRANEO has developed innovative auditing tools to characterise the mechanical and structural behaviour of underground structures. These tools are now widely used in the industry and provide information about the structure, the soil and the interface between the two.

Tests: laboratory & on-site

INFRANEO has several specialised internal laboratories throughout France. They ensure complete technical autonomy and the management of costs and deadlines.

The tests can take place directly on-site or on structures using samples and specimens.

Engineering: from audits to calculations

INFRANEO helps analyse the origins of all structural defects which have been observed and measured. Thanks to comprehensive diagnostics, you can give your manager a list of maintenance, repair and monitoring measures to be taken.

Asset management

INFRANEO works with contractors to help them understand their assets and schedule investments in studies and maintenance and rehabilitation works. In this spirit, INFRANEO uses its digital tools to offer personalised solutions.

Project management

As a European leader of asset management, INFRANEO works with contractors on all aspects from successful rehabilitations to the creation of civil engineering and water and sanitation structures.

Tools & Monitoring

Whether you’re looking to secure ageing infrastructure, monitor the impact of nearby works or understand long-term phenomena, INFRANEO provides detailed, permanent monitoring of all types of structures (railway platforms, tunnels, buildings, civil engineering structures, etc.) using appropriate equipment (topographic instrumentation, geotechnical monitoring, vibration monitoring, sound measurements, etc.). Thanks to the group’s dual expertise, this configuration can be extended up until soil monitoring.

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