Analyser, détecter, pérenniser avec notre expertise en Contrôles et Essais

INFRANEO’s regional testing laboratories work closely with you to help you control and monitor your projects..

Our teams ensure complete control, from the basic components through to the manufacture and implementation of your products, right up to site acceptance.

Cet accompagnement en contrôles et essais permet de caractériser les matériaux utilisés, d’étudier leur comportement, leur impact sur la structure et l’environnement, de relever d’éventuelles pathologies, l’objectif premier étant d’assurer la pérennité du projet quelles que soient les conditions dans lesquelles il évolue.

Select the best options to provide perfectly adapted solutions designed to resolve any issues you encounter and guarantee continuous monitoring to ensure your structures last in the long-term under optimal conditions.

INFRANEO offers local, in-the-field, tailored support:

  • External auditing: carried out at the company’s request by a third-party company to validate the company’s internal audit at certain stages
  • External inspection: requested by the project manager to carry out unannounced inspections to validate or invalidate the company’s external inspection

Our teams of experts will guide you towards tailor-made solutions to suit your budget, while taking into account your deadline requirements and in-the-field constraints.


Inspections and tests

External works - Earthworks

Checking the compliance of materials and their installation is essential to ensure the smooth running of construction projects.

Deep foundations

Testing foundations and anchors is part of our teams’ day-to-day work.

This technical service determines the characteristics, integrity and load-bearing capacity of deep foundations.

Laboratory tests

INFRANEO has its own laboratories for concrete, soil and materials, water and asphalt mixes.

Acceptance tests

Before a structure or building can be commissioned, tests must be carried out to ensure that it is ready for use.

Site engineering

INFRANEO has the necessary hindsight and experience to provide you with in-the-field engineering solutions.

Tools and monitoring

INFRANEO carries out vibration monitoring of homes and structures during the construction phase to prevent damage and after existing damage has been detected in instrumented buildings.

Areas of intervention





Ouvrages d’art



Examples of our work

Pré-réception par épreuves d’ouvrages – OA VIADUC – Château-Gontier (53)

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Auscultation monitoring Line 17 – Grand Paris (77-93-95)

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