Working for essential strategic projects

Changing lifestyles and energy systems have profoundly altered our society and the way we consume.

The energy sector is constantly evolving to make way for a cleaner, more responsible energy transition for our planet.

Maintaining and ensuring the long-term viability of infrastructures linked to energy installations is essential to the survival of strategic state structures and qualitative energy production.

transition énergétique

INFRANEO's teams of civil engineering specialists and materials pathology experts can put their skills to work on existing structures.

This approach can be extended through our expertise in soil science, thanks to our geotechnicians and geophysicists. The detection of networks can be integrated into INFRANEO's assignments, backed up by our dual expertise in soil and structure..

The technical solutions we recommend to our customers are checked by our engineers and test and laboratory technicians.

Type of structure :

  • Photovoltaic power stations, wind farms
  • Dams, dykes and canals
  • Nuclear and thermal power stations
  • Energy transmission and distribution networks (electricity, gas, heat, etc.)

Examples of our work

Acquisition of geophysical data - CANAL - St Egreve (38)

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Geophysical data acquisition - EPRR - Bridgwater (UK)

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Geotechnical studies - PHOTOVOLTAIC PARK - Sore (40)

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Discover our 4 areas of expertise and find out how we can support you:

Soil engineering

Cycle de l’eau

Inspections and tests

Structural engineering

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