Reconciling ecosystems and infrastructures

In a context of population growth and urban sprawl, INFRANEO is a major player in environmental policy and the creation of new development projects. In addition to our environmental and social responsibilities and the Group's values, our teams provide engineering studies and consultancy services, the main aim of which is to meet regulatory challenges and preserve the world of tomorrow by controlling the impact of infrastructure on the quality of the local ecosystem. This commitment is highlighted in the enhancement of existing assets through our day-to-day work on energy and ecological transition.

Responsabilité environnementale

The natural complementarity of INFRANEO's skills in geotechnics, geophysics and the water cycle, backed up by instrumentation and monitoring, provides a high-quality response to environmental issues.

The technical solutions we recommend to our customers are checked by our engineers and test and laboratory technicians.

responsabilité environnementale

Type of structure :

  • Polluted land, underground tanks
  • Groundwater, rivers and streams
  • New buildings in sensitive areas
  • Greening of walls and roofs, External thermal insulation

Examples of our work

External inspection - Storage centre Lihons (80)

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Contrôle Extérieur – Centre de stockage Lihons (80)

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Redevelopment of schools - Epinay-Sur-Seine (93)

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