Revitalising your assets

Our property heritage is our inheritance and a trace to be preserved and passed on to future generations. Recent trends in energy renewal and ecological transition have added to the challenges of preserving and maintaining existing assets. INFRANEO can help you make the most of your assets by providing effective solutions.

Patrimoine immobilier

Our response is technical, from the ground to the balconies, via the structure, using multidisciplinary skills: geotechnicians, geophysicists, civil engineers and specialists in materials pathologies to form an exhaustive inventory of all or part of the property. INFRANEO is a prerequisite for any renovation, raising or extension project.

The technical solutions we recommend to our customers are checked by our engineers and test and laboratory technicians.

Type of structure :

  • Offices and housing
  • Industrial buildings
  • Public buildings (ERP)
  • Car parks

Examples of our work

Structural audit with instrumentation - BUILDING - Saint Etienne des Oullières (69)

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Acquisition of geotechnical and structural data with G5 diagnosis - BUILDING - Cognac (16)

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Études structurelles pour le musée d’Orsay – Paris (75)

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Discover our 4 areas of expertise and find out how we can support you:

Soil engineering

Cycle de l’eau

Inspections and tests

Structural engineering

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