Ensuring infrastructure longevity

To combat the ageing of existing water and wastewater infrastructure, INFRANEO has specialised, patented tools that enable it to work regularly to maintain good service and operating conditions. This approach enables us to contribute to the quality of water supply and distribution throughout its life cycle.

Infrastructures de l'eau

INFRANEO's specific expertise lies in a unique combination of skills based around geotechnicians, geophysicists, civil engineers and technicians who understand soil/structure interaction in relation to the immediate environment. Our engineers in the innovation centre enhance our expertise with cutting-edge solutions.

The technical solutions we recommend to our customers are checked by our engineers and test and laboratory technicians.

Type of structure :

  • Visitable transport networks and aqueducts
  • Visitable transport networks and aqueducts
  • Wastewater treatment plants, retention basins, lifting stations, etc.
  • Water towers and reservoirs

Examples of our work

Pre-diagnosis of collectors - OS VISITABLE - Toulouse (31)

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Maîtrise d’œuvre sur collecteurs – OS VISITABLE – Versailles (78)

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Diagnostic complet avec investigations – RÉSERVOIR – Grenoble (38)

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Soil engineering

Cycle de l’eau

Inspections and tests

Structural engineering

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