In-depth investigation

Whether you're building a new structure, acquiring land or diagnosing an existing one, soil analysis is a key concern. INFRANEO's wide range of solutions opens up a whole field of possibilities for understanding and grasping how things work, analyzing and transforming the data acquired into an intellectual service useful for the act of construction, the act of transaction or the analysis approach specific to the engineering of existing structures.

analyse des sols

This know-how is based on a thorough command of investigations and auscultations by our network detectors, geotechnicians, geophysicists and laboratory specialists, and naturally complements our structural civil engineering.

The technical solutions we recommend to our customers are checked by our engineers and test and laboratory technicians.

analyse des sols

Type of structure :

  • Support
  • Embankments
  • Bank
  • Walls

Examples of our work

Geotechnical and hydrogeological studies with monitoring - PARC EOLIEN - Fécamp (76)

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Geotechnical mission G2AVP - SNCF railway station - Toulouse (31)

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Civil engineering - Geotechnical missions G2PRO-G4 - St Germain en Laye (78)

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Soil engineering

Cycle de l’eau

Inspections and tests

Structural engineering

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